Sung Jingle Packages


  • You can now save money by buying full packages of Jingles.

    Each Jingle package is created for a particular station sound whether you're an AC/ Hot AC/ CHR or Oldies Station.

    Each Jingle from the package will be Sung by our professional singers, the same singers as you can hear on the demos below, but will be resung with your Station Name and Slogan, have a listen to the demos below to hear what your station could sound like!

    Each package is still delivered within 24 hours, and you get forever use of them once bought! That means they're yours FOREVER!

    You will receive the Slogan and Acapella, you can add Shotgun ID's and Ramps to these packages too if you like for an extra charge (see option to add these further down the page)

    The Coast FM - AC Package

    Groundbreaking package which includes a memorable Sonic Logo on each cut, perfect for your AC or Hot AC station

    Listen to the package below

    Oldies 101.9 - Oldies Package

    Package created by Ken R, for that classic oldies sound, perfect for any Gold radio station, this includes our 4 most popular cuts

    Listen to the package below

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    Your Slogan & Radio Station Name

    We use our expertise to arrange your slogan and station name into each Jingle, all you need to do is provide the slogan and name.

    Ideally keep the slogan fairly short. If you have different slogans you want to use on different jingles please let us know in the special instructions box.

    Instruction for us

    Let us know about any hard to pronounce words, also if you have different slogans you want to use on different jingles let us know here.

    If you order Shotgun ID's you will receive a further 4 shorter cuts.

    If you order Ramps you will receive a further 4 ramps.

    If you order both, you will receive a further 8 cuts, making a total of 4 Slogans, 4 Acapellas, 4 Shotgun IDs, and 4 Ramps. 16 cuts in total.

    • 64.34246 $
    • 64.34246 $

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